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Backlight 2

Backlight 2 is a malleable website creation and photo publishing platform for photographers, built to make easy work of managing image galleries online. With Backlight, have your website and image galleries up-and-running in a matter of minutes. Then use Backlight's built-in designer to customize the content, look and feel of your site. Install add-ons to maximize the utility of your website, including client feedback or shopping cart features, alternate gallery styles, and more.

Create your entire website using Backlight 2, or supplement an existing website with Backlight's image galleries. Publish and manage albums and album sets, customize the look and feel of your online galleries and gallery sets, create pages and contact forms. Optionally, use our Publish Services plugin for Lightroom to manage your online image galleries from within your existing Lr-based workflow.


  • the core Backlight 2 web-application.
  • the Backlight Publish Services plugin for Lightroom Classic.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive for attractive presentation on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Create image galleries in a variety of styles, including classic, masonry and justified thumbnail grids.
  • Designate galleries for public or private viewing; assign private galleries to specific clients for access.
  • Multi-language friendly.
  • No coding necessary.

Add-ons extend Backlight 2 with additional functionality.

Client Response

The Client Response add-on adds image select and feedback capability to Backlight's standard albums, to facilitate communication between the photographer and client following a photo shoot. Clients can choose their favorite images, apply star ratings, select options or provide comments; this feedback is then delivered to the photographer's email for processing the job.


The Cart Add-on adds shopping cart functionality to your Backlight pages and image galleries. The cart can be used to sell digital image downloads, photo prints, photo packages, or other physical goods or services. The cart accepts online payment via PayPal, or can be used to create invoiced orders, allowing the photographer to collect payment offline or by alternate means. Salable items may be setup with any number of additional purchase options. Orders are sent to your email, and are saved to Backlight's admin as backup.


The Galleria Add-on creates beautiful, swipeable slideshows, with a wealth of personalization features.


The Theater Add-on provides numerous alternative presentation types for image galleries and multimedia, including full-screen slideshow, before-and-after image comparisons, and video presentations. See examples for the full range of available presentations.

WP Theme

The WP Theme add-on allows you to convert Backlight's page designs into WordPress themes, providing coherence between your Backlight-managed image galleries and your Wordpress-driven blog. In fact, you're looking at a live example right now!


An FTP client (free options are available)
For the optional Publish Services plugin for Lightroom, a Mac or Windows PC, running Lightroom 3/4/5/6/CC2015/CC Classic.
Add-ons require Backlight 2.
Linux OS
Apache server
PHP 5.4 or newer
SQLite and PDO modules enabled
Supported Browsers
On desktop, Backlight runs in current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari, and in Internet Explorer 10 and 11. On mobile, current versions of Android Browser, Chrome for Android, and iOS Safari are supported.

Backlight is not standalone software. The Backlight web-application should be deployed to a local or remote web server adhering to the above requirements; for online use, a domain name and standard web hosting are required. Hosted website services such as those provided by LiveBooks, Squarespace, etc. are not "standard" web hosting and will not run Backlight. For quality, affordable, TTG certified hosting, we recommend Bluehost or HostGator.


The Turning Gate offers friendly, comprehensive product support. We are dedicated to seeing every customer successfully launch their website. For support details, visit our website's support page.

All sales are final, no refunds.
Only available as a digital download.

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