Backlight 1.0.1 Update

Backlight 1.0.1 is now available. This update is recommended for all users. It addresses stability and compatibility issues, bugs found since last week’s launch, and brings some minor feature improvements as well.

Backlight, First Look

Backlight, First Look

Since announcing Backlight earlier in the month, we’ve had a fantastic show of interest from you all. It’s been great encouragement for us, and you have our deepest gratitude for the moral support. We’ve been making great strides with our beta testers. They’ve been giving us a lot of helpful feedback, and have done a […]

Backlight, coming soon

Since 2007 and Lightroom 1.0, The Turning Gate has been creating top-tier plugins for Lightroom’s Web module, and has time after time redefined what is possible for Lightroom-to-website publishing. April marks our ninth anniversary, and the beginning of The Turning Gate’s next era, in which we redefine the entire paradigm of what we do. Say […]

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