Impressions: The Filmist Preset Collection by Seim Effects

Over time, the threads had kept me bound to Lightroom over the years had frayed, snapped or been severed. One of the last was the VSCO Film presets, professional-grade simulations of olden film stocks. These were discontinued in early 2019, though, alongside VSCO’s pivot away from the professional photo market and toward teenage “VSCO girls”. […]

Update 2.0.9: The One with Lazy-loading!

Backlight 2.0.9 is now available! In this update, we introduce lazy-loading of thumbnails in photo albums, and numerous other improvements. Lazy-loading improves page speed by loading only those image thumbnails currently visible in the browser, and the next images just out of view. As the page is scrolled, upcoming images are loaded on demand. Lazy-loading […]

Reorder Photos in Backlight 2.0.7

Announced in our most recent newsletter, Backlight 2.0.7 allows photo reordering within Backlight’s admin. This change further empowers users to manage their images galleries without Lightroom, from directly within Backlight’s own publisher. Here’s a quick video demonstration of the new feature in action: Updating to 2.0.7 from earlier versions of Backlight 2 is easy! How-to: […]

Backlight 2 Announced

BACKLIGHT 2 is coming soon! In our most recent newsletter, we’ve let the lid off the upcoming release, so it’s only fair to post that news here as well. First, something that is not changing, Backlight 2 will continue to utilize the Pangolin design modules, meaning there will be no requirement to redesign your website […]

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