Using Lightroom CC for Mobile Workflow

Maybe you’re still reeling from the announcments of Lightroom Classic and the new Lightroom CC. Get used to it. How, when, or whether at all to move from Lightroom Classic to CC is likely to remain an open-ended question, one that you will return to over and over as the products continue to evolve (or […]

Backlight and the Lightrooms

Adobe has announced new versions of Lightroom, and you may be wondering how or whether these releases impact Backlight, or other TTG products. Let’s first get up to speed with the most important bullet points. The existing Lightroom has been rebranded as Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic CC 7.0, direct sequel to Lightroom 6/CC2015, is now […]

Designing Event Pages in Backlight

One of Backlight’s most standout and powerful features is its designer. With Backlight, the pages of your website are not locked into a uniform design or theme. While you may want to adhere to a certain degree of thematic consistency, you are free to create unique designs for any page that might require its own […]