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I write to you today, because there is something important that I need to share with you, that I want you to know. And it’s not about product updates or developing features, it’s not about selling software or promoting The Turning Gate. Today, bring you a message of positivity. I want to talk about you. Yes, YOU. YOU are the Internet’s most vital resource. ... Read more

Update: CE4 Gallery 6.1.1

The CE4 Gallery 6.1.1 update is now available. This is a relatively minor maintenance release, including minor fixes and optimizations, some cleanup of the options UI and under-the-hood, and a couple of user-requested new options. These new options are: New option under Color Palette > Content / Description, “Display on all pages”. When enabled, the ... Read more

A Near-future Roadmap for CE4

This latest round of updates marks a turning point for CE4. With the release of CE4 Gallery 6.1.0, things are likely to be settling down for the triumvirate of Cart, Gallery and Publisher, where we’ve been devoting most of our time since the CE4 launch. Masonry and Iconic layouts are in for Gallery, the Cart ... Read more

CE4 Gallery 6.1.0: Masonry!


Hello from Ulaanbataar! I am simultaneously excited and annoyed to be here. The latter because the CE4 Gallery 6.1.0 update really needed to be out before my trip, and that just didn’t happen. Here in Ulaanbataar, there’s WiFi practically everywhere, but while widespread, slow speeds and unreliable networks are making progress difficult to achieve … ... Read more

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