Update: Backlight 2.0.4

Backlight 2.0.4 is now available, featuring a variety of fixes and improvements.

  • Reinstates album title breadcrumb, and image title within breadcrumbs for single image pages
  • Adds process to have backlight/index.php and backlight/.htaccess automatically created upon install
  • Adds Update Backlight Index Files function to re-copy the latest backlight/index.php and backlight/.htaccess files
  • Adds description to pangolin-page’s table-stripe color pickers.
  • Adds missing Description field when adding Album Sets
  • Adds case-insensitive sort when setting photos to be sorted by filename
  • Fixes issue with being unable to login with two-factor authentication
  • Fixes issue that caused multiple images to be downloaded after viewing multiple images
  • Fixes broken thumbnails when embedded Album Sets with Descriptive layout
  • Fixes issue of editing Album Sets that used fields for editing Albums
  • Fixes critical issue when trying to delete Top-level Gallery Directory that has an empty path
  • Fixes issue with saving Template settings that affected some users
  • Fixes syntax issue that caused uploads to fail for some users
  • Fixes display of "Display Breadcrumbs" and "Hide from Search" values on View Album page
  • Adds workarounds to upgrading older versions of Backlight 1 to Backlight 2

To update:

  1. In Backlight’s admin, visit Admin => Backlight Modules.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the link to install all updates.
  3. In the menu, visit Designer => Templates => Clear Template Cache.

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