Backlight 2 Available Now

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Backlight 2. Almost two years in the making, Backlight 2 is a major update to The Turning Gate’s flagship website creation and gallery management system, and available now on our shop page.

Backlight 2 is a malleable website creation and photo publishing platform for photographers, built to make easy work of managing image galleries online. With Backlight, have your website and image galleries up-and-running in a matter of minutes. Then use Backlight’s built-in designer to customize the content, look and feel of your site. Install add-ons to maximize the utility of your website, including client feedback or shopping cart features, alternate gallery styles, and more.

Upgrading from Backlight

Discounted upgrades are available for existing Backlight customers. All discounts have been dispatched via email, and should be waiting in your inbox. If you cannot locate your discounts, please check your spam folder, and/or search your index for messages arriving from “The Turning Gate” at email address As a last resort, you may contact me directly for assistance.

See documentation for upgrading an existing Backlight website to Backlight 2. The process is fairly painless, with existing websites being fully upgradable from Backlight 1 to Backlight 2, with no need to redesign templates, etc.

New versions are available for Backlight 2 and all add-ons, including Cart, Client Response, Galleria, Theater and WP Theme. The Pages Add-on has been consolidated fully into Backlight 2, and is no longer available as a separate add-on. Backlight 1.x add-ons are not compatible with Backlight 2, and must be upgraded.

The Galleria and Theater Add-ons are available to all existing customers at no additional cost, regardless of original purchase date.

New in Backlight 2

Backlight 2 includes a wealth of new features and improvements. Here are the headline items.

Automated Install and Update Process

Following first installation of Backlight 2, subsequently installing add-ons and updates occurs entirely within Backlight’s admin. No downloads! No FTP! Easily compare your current install to available versions, then download new updates and add-on purchases with the press of a button.

Web-based Publisher

Lightroom is now optional! Create and manage albums and album sets, and upload photos within Backlight, independent of your choice of desktop software.

For those keeping on with Lightroom CC Classic, compatibility with Lightroom’s Publish Services is being fully maintained.

Presently, the web-based Publisher supports a subset of metadata tokens that we will shortly be adding to.

Centralized Client Management

Client access control is no longer restricted to the Client Response add-on, and is now a part of Backlight’s core. Designate any typeof gallery as private, then allow access by assigning it to specific clients.

Multi-language Support

Write content and configure interface profiles for languages you wish to support, then allow users to change the site language at any time using a drop-down menu.

Contact Inboxing

Form submissions are now saved to Backlight’s database, and viewable within Backlight admin. Rest assured that if an email fails to arrive or lands in spam, Backlight has your back.

Support for GDPR/Privacy

Enable GDPR message and checkbox, acceptance of cookies notice, option to disable the saving of Contact Form Submissions.

Improved Backlight Admin Security

We’ve added support for Google Authenticator two-factor authentication, password reset, and stronger password encryption.

Improved class-based PHPlugins

Reimplemented PHPlugins allow for greater extensibility than ever before. Functions now have access to Albums and Photos, and associated information.

Due to changes, however, existing PHPlugins functions will need to be reformatted to match the new system. Those users upgrading existing sites from Backlight to Backlight 2, should disable PHPlugins in the meantime.

New and Improved Admin

The admin area has received a visual and organizational overhaul. Related settings have been consolidated and relocated, and it should be easier overall to locate the things you need at any given time.

We’re standing by …

Ben and I are extremely proud of this release, and see it as a major step forward for Backlight. We hope you will agree!

For at least the next few hours, relative to the time of this post going live, we will be hanging out in the forum to address whatever questions, concerns or issues you may have.

22 thoughts on “Backlight 2 Available Now”

    1. If you’re wanting to migrate existing content from CE4 to Backlight 2, then no. You’d need to upgrade first to Backlight, and then to Backlight 2. That’s not super difficult, though. Contact me directly after purchasing Backlight 2, and I’ll set you up with the earlier version to facilitate the migration.

      1. How about CE3? I am only using LR for private family web galleries and have been a bit reluctant to upgrade to every new version 🙂

        I have just been forced to change web host, so starting “over” is required anyways – but I would like to keep my collections in LR as they are, without having to create them all again…

        1. We cannot support direct upgrade from CE3. You’d have to upgrade to CE4 first, then from CE4 to Backlight 2. And this only if you’ve used TTG Publisher to create your galleries. If you purchase Backlight 2, I can provide you the necessary CE4 plugins to effect the migration.

          1. I bought the CE3 package with Publisher (and all my galleries are made using Publisher).
            As I read your other reply I assume I will be going from CE3 -> CE4 -> Backlight 1 -> Backlight 2 ?

            I will be placing an order and will contact you afterwards…

      2. I’m in the same position, but I read in another thread “now we can convert CE4 directly to Backlight2”. Can you confirm that is the case before I install Backlight2 ? (I do have Backlight, but never got around to using it).

        1. You can migrate your existing galleries from CE4 Publisher to Backlight 2. However, you will need to design new templates within Backlight.

          The migration process is in the Backlight documentation.

          1. Great. Not all my CE4 albums are under Galleries, I have many other top-level directories with album sets under. Will they all get converted at once, or do I use the same procedure multiple times for each tree ? (If it does all of them, then I need to be much more careful before I try).

  1. I’m only using your client response product. I think it’s cre4 suite. I use it for headshots. I upload session through Lightroom. And then they send me selects. Is there anything new this upgrade would bring?

    1. Backlight’s Client Response features are improved over the CE4 version, of course. The galleries themselves provide a better user experience for clients; galleries are better on mobile and tablet devices, and the slideshow/feedback experience is now seamless, which was not the case in CE4. Galleries are easier to create an manage, simply because Backlight is breezy to use by comparison to Lightroom’s clunky Web module, and the client management features have gotten a big upgrade in Backlight 2.

      1. Sounds good. So with BL2 can I still upload through Lightroom CC? I also didn’t have success using the BE upload that enabled clients to save their selects. Does Backlight simply this functionality on my end so that I can allow my clients to save their selects to look at later? so clients will be able this

        1. You can still upload through LrCC Classic, of course.

          I don’t know why using the older client features would have been a problem for you. Backlight 2 includes client management, and assigning of private galleries. The Client Response add-on allows feedback to be submitted. I think it’s one of the best things about our system.

  2. I have two questions that are still unclear. First, does Backlight 2 replace both Backlight1 + Pages? Secondly, when Backlight1 is upgraded to Backlight2, does the content of Backlight1 (galleries, etc.) migrate to Backlight2? Just want to make sure what I would be getting into.

    Randy Hoffner

    1. Hi Randy,

      There are no longer separate SKU for Backlight and the Pages Add-on. Backlight 2 encompasses both things in full.

      And yes, all content from Backlight 1 will migrate into Backlight 2. You shouldn’t have to touch it, save for having to update any PHPlugins to the new format, if you’re using the PHPlugins features.

  3. Is it possible to change albums & sets which are created with the Lightroom plugin within Backlight. Is there a sync back to lightroom ?

    1. Yes, it is possible. Some changes will sync back to Lightroom, and some things will not. Things like settings, and text will sync back. Images added via Backlight will NOT sync back to Lr.

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