Update: Backlight 1.0.4

Backlight 1.0.4 is now available for download.

This update includes many fixes and improves under-the-hood to provide a better Backlight experience for users and visitors alike, and is recommended for all users. This version also adds support for the upcoming Theater Add-on, and supports selling images through Fotomoto.com.

Fotomoto setup and implementation is documented here, and we have setup an album to demonstrate Fotomoto in action.

A detailed list of changes and update instructions follows.

Backlight + Pages 1.0.4

  • Adds support for Theater.
  • Adds support for Fotomoto.
  • Adds support for numeric filename suffix metadata tokens.
  • Adds refer field to Publisher API to avoid servers mistaking Publisher for a bot.
  • Changes handling of phpLiteAdmin to open in chromeless template.
  • Moves PHP modules listing from Cart to Backlight.
  • Updates Page URL Format handling.
  • Disables pagination of embedded albums, to prevent issue with broken page parameters.
  • Fixes field names for album sorting.
  • Fixes issue where Backlight would attempt to look under /tmp on first Image Upload.
  • Fixes issue with broken image preview on Uploaded Images properties page.
  • Adds check for ‘files’ session save handler before attempting to save sessions under backlight/data/sessions.
  • Adds check for existence of mb_convert_string before attempting to use function.
  • Improves error handling.
  • Adds alpha support for masthead background-color.
  • Adds option to enable/disable masthead hyperlinking.
  • Adds localization options for Photoswipe UI.
  • Adds FitVids JS support: responsive video embeds.
  • Adds some basic styling for social media buttons.
  • Changes “Shift” CSS transition for trays; removes “Reveal” transition as problematic.
  • Improves appearance and utility of single-image HTML pages.
  • Removes “One Column, No Tray” (0col) layout option.
  • Sets 100% as maximum quality for Photos for Purchase rendition.
  • Updates to jQuery 3.1.0.

To update to Backlight + Pages 1.0.4:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT replace the entire backlight directory! Doing so will remove ALL data and settings!

Remove and re-upload the following files and directories:

  • backlight/admin/
  • backlight/designer/
  • backlight/framework/
  • backlight/publisher/
  • backlight/modules/module-pages/
  • backlight/modules/okapi-core/
  • backlight/modules/standard-album/
  • backlight/modules/standard-album-set/
  • backlight/modules/standard-page/
  • TTG-Publisher.lrplugin

Clear the Designer Template Cache by visiting Backlight => Designer => Templates => Clear Template Cache.

Visit each of the Backlight, Designer and Publisher admin sections to allow Backlight to run any necessary database updates.

3 thoughts on “Update: Backlight 1.0.4”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Can’t find the link to download Backlight Update 1.0.4. Haven’t upgraded from 1.0.2 yet. Will that upgrade or will I need to upgrade to 1.0.3 first?

    My original order no. is: 0010298809 on 17th May 2016.

    I’m still running CE4 and am currently organising Backlight


    1. You can upgrade to 1.0.4, but check the upgrade instructions for both versions in our change log to ensure you’re copying everything that needs to be updated.

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