Fotomoto Now Supports Mobile

Happy Monday, folks. I am returned from my latest jaunt to Cambodia, the travel I hinted at in our last newsletter. I’m wading back into work, but presently still in the kiddie end of the swimming pool.

While away, I received an email from one of my contacts at Fotomoto. He says they’ve updated the Fotomoto shopping cart Widget to work better on small screens! Until now Fotomoto has been basically unusable on mobile devices, so this is exciting news indeed. I have not yet had the chance to test things out, but have been told they’ve tested the widget pretty extensively. Still, those of you using Fotomoto should give it a look on your phones and tablets. Please let us know your experience in the forum, whether good or bad, and please post links to some of your Fotomoto-enabled galleries so that we can follow up. I will reach out to Fotomoto as necessary, as they say they are standing by and ready to help get any issues worked out quickly.

At present, Fotomoto is supported in CE4. We have not yet added Fotomoto support to Backlight, though I mean to add it soon. And this news might just be lighting a fire under me to get it in sooner, rather than later.

4 thoughts on “Fotomoto Now Supports Mobile”

  1. I’m strongly in favor of your integrating FotoMoto within Backlignt. For the last 15 years, I’ve been shooting, producing, and selling my photos in galleries and fine-art shows. I now wish to shoot then outsource the production side with links in my gallery. I have two sites, one (80% complete) in which I used CE4 with the intentions of integrating FotoMoto. It hasn’t happened. I’ve been waiting to see how Backlight evolves. It appears easier than CE4. I am encouraged you will be adapting FotoMoto. I hope it happens sooner than later. Thanks!

  2. Having just returned from a few weeks in Spain, I’m also wading back into work life. I found these blog postings regarding Fotomoto and the pending integration into Backlight excellent news. I heartily second John’s 03Aug reply! Once released, TTG is going to acquire another Backlight user. Thanks to TTG and Fotomoto for all their hard work to deliver these products!

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