Backlight Pricing, Upgrade and Release Details

At long last, it’s really happening! Backlight’s release candidate is now with testers who are putting it through its paces for a final round. We have scheduled a tentative release date of Wednesday, May 4th. Update: Backlight is released!

At launch, Backlight and its Pages add-on will be available in the following formats:

The core Backlight application and publisher plugin.
Enables the publishing of albums and album sets from Lightroom.
The best option for users wishing to supplement an existing website with Backlight’s gallery functionality (i.e. users who do not need Pages functionality).
The Pages add-on enables the creation of static pages and contact forms.
Requires Backlight, above; cannot be used on its own.
Backlight + Pages
The core Backlight application, bundled and preconfigured with the Pages add-on.
The best option for users wishing to build their entire website on Backlight.

So the two items will be available for individual purchase ($150 total), or combined and at a 10% discount (for $135). For that price, you’re getting a publishing system more agile than Lightroom’s Web module has ever been, and one that’s poised to grow, rather than withering on the vine, as the Web module has done.

Upgrading from CE3 and CE4

Traditionally, we have offered upgrade discounts only between contiguous versions of our software, such as when upgrading from CE3 to CE4. This time, we are also offering some lesser discounts to CE3 users as an incentive to migrate to our new platform; details below.

In the past, we have also offered free upgrades for very recent purchases. I bought Fujifilm’s X-T1 camera right before they announced the X-Pro2, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not waiting just a little bit longer; we know how it feels, and we want to prevent such feelings of buyer’s remorse. That said, Backlight is more expensive than CE4, so we can not offer free upgrades. But for qualifying purchases, you will be able to use your previous purchase as credit against Backlight, so that you need only to pay the difference between the two. We opened a new shop late in January, and that’s our cutoff for “recent purchase” status. So if you purchased CE4 on our current SendOwl store, then qualifying purchases may be used as credit toward purchasing Backlight; if your order is on our older Shopify store (with downloads served by FetchApp), you will be provided with a standard upgrade discount.

Upgrade discounts will be available for owners of the following products:

CE4 Web Publishing Bundle
SendOwl $85 / Shopify $35
Applicable only to the Backlight + Pages bundle.
Available through December 31, 2016.
CE4 Gallery
SendOwl $25 / Shopify $12.5
Applicable either to Backlight, or Backlight + Pages.
Available through December 31, 2016.
See “Other Qualifying Purchases” below.
CE3 Bundles
Applicable only to the Backlight + Pages bundle.
Available through September 30, 2016.

Discount codes have been attached to existing orders as TXT files, and may be downloaded now by accessing your orders. For purchases of CE4 Gallery or the CE4 Web Publishing Bundle on our current, SendOwl shop (Feb. 2016 or newer), click here. Else, for purchases of CE4 Gallery, the CE4 Web Publishing Bundle or one of our CE3 bundles made on our older Shopify store, click here.

Other Qualifying Purchases
If you purchased multiple plugins as individual items, and not in one of our bundles, your purchases qualify for discounts under the following conditions:
  • From CE4:
    • You purchased CE4 Gallery as a standalone product.
    • You also have purchased one or both of CE4 Pages and CE4 Publisher.
  • From CE3:
    • You purchased CE3 Gallery as a standalone product.
    • You also have purchased one or both of CE3 Pages and CE3 Publisher.

You may request a review of your purchase history here. We will review requests in the order in which they are received, so be patient and please do not submit multiple requests.

Upgrade information based on the following CE4 items will be made available when relevant Backlight products are released:

  • CE4 Blog & Galleries Bundle
  • CE4 Cart
  • CE4 Client Proofing Bundle
  • CE4 Client Response Gallery
  • CE4 Stage
  • CE4 Theme for WordPress

36 thoughts on “Backlight Pricing, Upgrade and Release Details”

  1. I think I want Backlight and Pages. I have been using Front Page for years, but I never could get proper galleries until I discovered Lightroom 2. I now have Lightroom 4. Since Microsoft has abandoned Front Page I need something else. All I want to do for now is basically have a home page with a lot of galleries and sub galleries. My web site is a bit of a mess, because for the first few years, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I even bought a few items from you, which I didn’t do anything at all with. Your Backlight and Pages combination looks like it might be all I need. I already have a CuteFTP program and a host that I am pleased with. Dr. PC based in the Hamilton, Ontario area. So I think that, as soon as it is available, I will buy this package.

    Marshall Davidson

    1. There will not be a trial download or period. We simply don’t have the resources or personnel to maintain or support a separate trial version.

      1. If I can’t try it out, how do I know what it will do and if I want to spend my money on it? Do you have a video explaining it detail how it works and what it will do?

        1. Faith, I suppose. We don’t have the resources to maintain or provide support for a trial version.

          I linked a video in my comment above; it’s a good overview how to install and use Backlight, and shows off a bit of what it does. You can also check out Rod’s preview and demonstrations, linked in the article above, to get a sense of the possibilities.

  2. Thank you, thank you, I hope Backlight is easy to install and if it works as you described, it will solve so many issues I have each time I update thru the Web Midele in LR.
    Can’t wait.

    1. We believe it is very easy to install; much more so than our previous systems for Lightroom’s Web module. Have you seen the preview video in our preview post? It shows the entire install process.

  3. Okay, I’m sold. Installation video looks easy, but do you recommend I uninstall my C4 Web Bundle before installing Backlight? Also, what is the approximate size of the download?

    1. Don’t uninstall CE4; Backlight will allow you to migrate your existing CE4 galleries.

      The zipped package comes in under 2MB.

  4. Hi Matt
    I am using CE4 Publisher, Pages, Gallery, Stage, Cart, and WordPress. My website is I have a few questions…

    1) If I start the conversion process to Backlight, roughly how long will it take to have all of the functionality that I currently have with my CE4 modules?

    2) Should I maintain a test site for Backlight until Cart and Stage functionality are available?

    3) I am having difficulty locating just what discount I am eligible for on the Backlight + Pages bundle.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    1. Hi Herschel,

      Contact me via the upgrade request form. I will send you the appropriate discount.

      We hope to release Cart and Client Response Gallery add-ons within the next few weeks, May or June. Beyond that, Stage and WordPress will follow, but we don’t have a set timeline. Stage probably sooner; the WordPress theme is going to be more complicated and might take us longer, but I want it done ASAP so that I can use it personally. My impatience is therefore on your side.

      Whether or not to maintain a test site is entirely up to you, and what needs you might have in the moment for your live site. For example, if you absolutely need cart functionality now, then it’s probably best to wait before converting your existing site to Backlight.

  5. Got it so far 🙂

    Please indulge me and answer a couple of questions (aka, hold my hand as I go ahead! )

    I don’t have an extensive website, just 4 pages and a bunch of album sets. I feel like deleting the whole thing and installing Backlight into the clean root directory and let Pages publish all the albums again.

    Q: before I take the plunge, ok I’m not uninstalling Pages from LR, does the new Pages LR plugin replace the old Pages or create a new instance?

    Q2:will all my old album sets will still be there in LR publish services?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Only Backlight’s publisher installs in Lightroom; this will replace CE4 Publisher, but is capable of working with both CE4 and Backlight publishing tasks. You will be able to migrate published albums from CE4 to Backlight, which we cover in documentation.

      As for Pages, because Backlight does not install in Lightroom, that will remain untouched. Backlight runs on your website. So there’s no need to uninstall anything.

  6. Thanks for the heads up about your new product. I previously bought the turning gate products but found that I could not integrate them with my website. So, forgive me for being slightly sceptical, but I wonder if backlight will turn out to be of the same ilk. I am disappointed that there is not a trial version. In the absence of a trial version, can I have a refund if I cannot integrate backlight into my website? FYI, I am using Siteground to host my website and Artbees Jupiter theme.

    For me, integrating Lightroom with my website has become something of a holy Grail with absolutely no luck to date. I am essentially an end user trying to create my own website and hence handicapped by my lack of skill!

    1. In which case, use the form linked in my article to request a review of your purchase history, and be sent a discount.


  7. As you said, the install of both Pages and Backlight went smoothly, much, much easier than CE. I’ve even managed to find most solutions just by clicking around and exploring different editing screens, it seems to be pretty self explanatory and intuitive.
    1. How do I edit the content of the Gallery page?
    2. Markup is OK but not for everyone. Is it possible to have a WYSIWYG interface while editing other web pages?
    3. Will you have more templates to offer anytime soon?
    4. Data entered into text input boxes is only partly visible (e.g. Backlight > Publisher > Top-level Galleries > Galleries> Edit {the Name and Path fill in boxes show only the top half of the line of text})
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    1. 1. Edit the Album Set Template.
      2. I doubt it.
      3. We’re going to be introducing client response, cart and stage add-ons in the coming weeks and months.
      4. Not sure what you’re talking about, but if you think there’s a problem to address, please post it to our forum.


  8. I note that Backlight supports only SQLite with PDO. Will you be releasing a MySQL version of the install (I am really not up for changing hosting provider at this stage…)

    1. We have no plans to support MySQL databases. Most hosts support SQLite databases, so it’s unlikely you should need to change hosts for it. Check in with your host. I would be surprised if it were going to be a problem.

  9. Hi Mat
    I am planing to change to Backligth – but one question I use slide show on my main page – as I can see there is no support for that funktion in Backlight?

    best regards

    1. At present, no. But we will be adding slideshow functionality in an upcoming add-on. Watch the news for info as we approach release.

  10. Olá ,
    gostaria de saber qual pacote devo comprar, para ter mais opções de galerias web no ligtroom, ser capaz de publicar estas galerias no ou blogger, e ainda enviar escolha para o cliente? Desculpe-me meu inglês é muito ruim e por isso não ficou claro o que é

    1. Hi,

      I will try to answer your question, but I’m working from Google Translate. Please be patient.

      Backlight will not run on or Blogger; you will need web space of your own. We recommend hosting with Bluehost.

      If you want clients to be able to select images, then you want Backlight and the Client Response Add-on.


  11. Hi,
    I’m interested in upgrading but
    I bought last year 2 products :
    – 1x TTG CE4 Cart – for Lightroom for $50.00
    – 1x CE4 Web Publishing Bundle for $85.00
    I got the discount code and when I enter it in your shop I get only 35$ discount !? means I have to pay 100$ more !
    Thought I was suppose to pay only the difference !?
    Am I doing something wrong ?

    1. The discount for buying CE4 Web Publishing Bundle in 2015 is $35. You will find a separate discount for the Cart Add-on attached to your existing CE4 Cart order.

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