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Since 2007 and Lightroom 1.0, The Turning Gate has been creating top-tier plugins for Lightroom’s Web module, and has time after time redefined what is possible for Lightroom-to-website publishing. April marks our ninth anniversary, and the beginning of The Turning Gate’s next era, in which we redefine the entire paradigm of what we do.

Say goodbye to Lightroom’s Web module, and “Hello!” to Backlight.

Backlight is a self-hosted, web-based application. It sets up easily on your web hosting, and allows you to create and design your galleries or website in real-time, using your web-browser. Using our Publisher plugin, you will utilize Lightroom’s Publish Services to create and manage albums and album sets from within your library. Whether TTG veteran or novice, you’re going to love the new ease that Backlight brings to building your website!

Backlight is not a cloud service, and will not be subscription-based.

To be absolutely clear, we are finished creating plugins for Lightroom’s Web module, and so there will not be a CE5 series of releases.

We expect to begin beta testing Backlight within the next few weeks, with a probable launch being end of April or sometime in May. Cart and client proofing features will not be available at launch, but will follow shortly thereafter.

Now, you might be wondering what this means for CE4.

While Backlight will be occupying the majority of our focus and the entirety of the spotlight, CE4 will remain available in our shop. We plan to continue maintenance and support for CE4 for the full lifespan of Lightroom 6 / CC2015 at least. Possibly longer, if realistic to do so.

In the coming weeks, we will have more details to share on Backlight. With all that we have planned for Backlight, the rest of 2016 is going to be very exciting for us, and we hope for you as well. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, feel free to pose questions in the comments of this post. Some details we’d like to keep close to our chests a bit longer, but we will answer what we can.

Update: Because it’s what we do in 2016, there’s more conversation happening on Facebook than here in the comments. If you’d like to participate, come on over to the TTG Users Group.

20 thoughts on “Backlight, coming soon”

  1. What a teaser !!! Getting VERY curious & excited of course !!!
    Will the website structure & components be similar to the one that we can make with the CE4 series ?
    Will it be easy to personalize every page title, description, H1, etc ?
    What choice of gallery templates will Backlight offer ?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. It will be easy to personalize. At launch, gallery templates will be similar in style to those in CE4 Gallery.

      Website structure and components will operate differently. We’ll show you as soon as we can. 😉

  2. This is exciting news. From a software architecture view, it is pobably the best thing to do. I hope and expect that with Backlight the time consuming activities for a user to migrate from CE2 > CE3 > CE4 > are history and can be smoothly managed in a web application. Can’t wait to migrate, Matt!

  3. I’m sure Backlight is going to be great, but I have developed quite an extensive structure of albumns and and albumn sets using CE4 and Publisher, and am still migrating a lot of my old hierarchies to that structure for the ease of adding single images to dozens of different existing albumns.
    Will I need to start over with that, and should I thus stop migrating to CE4 Publisher ?
    ie Will we easily be able to port complex Publisher structures to Backlight ?

  4. Matt,,
    The announcement of backlight sounds like a godsend. I recently purchased many of your current products and I am at a standstill because the implementation of the components is so convoluted and difficult. I will halt my efforts on CE 4 and wait for backlight now. Did I waste my money on my recent purchase and associated frustration?

  5. GREAT!

    I was very active in the TTG forums before the CE era but had to close my website. But I never stopped following Matthew’s endeavours. People even came home to get one on one trainings for TTG plugins… With time, it was getting more and more complex to manage it all. I am very convinced that by going for a web configuration interface, things will get so much simpler.

    Way to go Matthew and my very best wishes!

    Denis Pagé

    1. Denis, great to hear from you! Hopefully with Backlight, we can encourage you to get your site back up again. ;-D

  6. It’s not the same as the CE4 plug-ins. It’s a totally new interface. And it’s FAST. No more waiting around for Lightroom to chug through the Web Module so you can see an updated preview. It’s pretty much instant. And there’s an Auto Refresh option so you can design in one window and see the results in another without the need to click on the browser’s refresh button. Great for those working with two monitors.

  7. I have a site built using CE3 plugins and CE3 publisher, can these galleries stay on the server and just migrate to Backlight ?

    1. For CE3 users, we may need to set you up with CE4 Publisher. I will make this available on request for any CE3 user that has purchased Backlight. What you will likely need to do is go through the migration process to CE4, then from CE4 to Backlight.

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