5 responses to “In the court of the Lightroom Queen

  1. Thanks for sharing about pre 2007 Matt. I tought you were still in California. But I shall admit that I am back from a two years absence… I too am on the side of Lightroom is nice as is, just make it speedier camp. You completed the missing part :-)

  2. I tought converting to DNG would make me lose data. Are you doing this even for your best shots?

    • All shots. DNG is a lossless format; an open format, rather than a manufacturer proprietary format such as NEF (Nikon), RAF (Fuji) or CRW (Canon). I used to convert medium format raw files from a Leaf Aptus digital back and the files would go from more than 50MB to around 20MB, not because of any loss of quality, but just because DNG is a more optimized format.

      There is also a lossy-DNG format that will create even smaller files, but I don’t use it. Lightroom’s “Smart Previews” are a type of lossy-DNG.

  3. Hey Matt

    Enjoyed the interview. There was one thing you mentioned which had me thinking true ‘dat!…

    “I like Lightroom just the way it is. I’d just like it to be faster, to see its performance improved.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I would pay for a full upgrade with nary a feature change but with a completely updated and streamlined architecture. LR is a slow, cumbersome beast. I couldn’t live without it, but its performance needs much to be desired. You shouldn’t need a computer capable of controlling the space station to use it efficiently.

    • For real. I think if Lightroom’s Library were as speedy as Photo Mechanic, Adobe would suddenly find themselves with a lot of new customers. Continuing to raise the system requirements to compensate for Lightroom’s becoming more cumbersome is the poorest solution I can think of.

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